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Parents ten steps for disABILITY acceptance

Child on Rocking Horse

1. Accept your child's disABILITIES without reserve

Joyful Attitude

2. If you show joy with your child others will follow including your child.

Children Interact with Others

3. Allow your child to interact with others the same age

A smile erases sympathy

4. Face people openly and with a smile. Your positive example can leads others to a positive response.

Child in wheelchair

5. Be willing to teach. Remember when You didn't understand about disABILITIES.

Boy with balloons

6. Advocate with caring and understanding.

Heart with message

7. Accept the Challenge

Michele's ABLE Logo

8. Join Support Groups

People Talking

9. Believe in your ABILIITIES and the ABILITIES of your child

Positive Attitude

10. Attitude: "WE CAN and WE WILL."