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Our past is the teacher for our future. We can never be over qualified: Just well prepared to constantly improve the outcomes of those we represent. MSO

Our ABILITY depends on our spirit, our determination, and our refusal to eliminate ourselves, even when others give up on us.

I believe that one of the greatest gifts we have to offer each others is to find the ABILITIES that each of us possesses and then develop, and build upon these abilities.

When we hire a person with disABILITIES, we are not hiring the disability. We are hiring the PERSON!!!

Kindness, caring and compassion wrapped in love is never out of style!!!

We do not hire the disability – We hire the person

Sympathy discourages – Empathy encourages

Each random act of kindness generates a good feeling in both the recipient and the giver. The profit of two for the investment one, makes the ROI (return on investment) is worth the action taken.

My four L’S plus...Live, Love, Laugh, Learn and Share

Each day contains random events I cannot control.
I can, however, control how I decide to respond.
I choose to find the positive and the humor.
I choose to find the solutions and opportunities.
I choose to appreciate all that God has given me.
I choose to make my life a wonderful adventure,
with each new day offering me new opportunities

The Gifts of People with disABILITIES
Proof that abilities are not limited by disabilities.
Proof that difficulties do not have to crush dreams.
Proof that appearance doesn’t tell the story of ability.
Proof that beauty presents itself in endless ways.
Proof that if you work for success you will achieve it.

Unconditional love, with acceptance, guidance, nurturing encouragement, example, patience and responsibility for one’s actions, develops a child into a successful adult; And an adult to a new acceptance of self.

DIVERSITY is the gift that makes every moment, every experience, every person, every creature, and every event unique to all others in the world. What a dull life this would be if diversity did not exist.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE - the mother who gives the child within her life and then allows someone else to raise that child because her circumstances, at that time of her life, will not permit her to keep the child commits an act of perfect, unconditional love.

Our lives are not determined by the large things we do, but by the very small, daily, repetitive, simple things we do to improve the world of each person around us. By simple I mean the kind act of a smile, compliment, thank you, or positive consideration of each person we meet. It might be in the elevator, on the street, at a stop light, in a long line, and most importantly in our own home.

Be passionate about life! Love life! Enjoy live! Experience the excitement of life! Make each “mistake” a learning experience! Search for the good and you will wake up each morning looking forward to whatever awaits you!

Question: How can we possibly lose if we bring joy those around us and for ourselves? Answer: We can’t.

Make the commitment to find solutions and suddenly you will find out how fun life can be and how successful you feel within yourself. This will generate an attitude within you that will make others want to be around you and with you through both the tough times and the good times.

The moment we learn to laugh at our imperfections, we have accepted our humanity. This act alone tells others we can also accept their imperfections and humanity.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “ one can bring you down unless you allow it.” For me that statement carries two messages.

  1. When another person tries to bring us down by telling us that we are unworthy they will not succeed if we remember we have value and a reason for being on this earth.
  2. If another person acts in a negative and destructive manner, we can refuse to participate in those actions and chose the higher ground.

The moment we learn to laugh at our imperfections, we have accepted our humanity. This act alone tells others we can also accept their imperfections and humanity.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Therefore, if you wait, the good you might have done today will never be produced tomorrow.

  • When I am training people with disABILITIES I tell them how important it is for each of us to show kindness to those around us who don’t understand our situation and therefore through ignorance do not include our needs in their plans.
  • I remind them that if we are not first, kind, considerate and willing to listen and learn about others problems and concerns, then we have no right to demand that they be considerate of our needs and concerns.
  • More simply put; example is still the best teacher and inspiration for others to want to learn and improve the world.

A song I wrote for the Dallas Airport Staff who help so many of the victims from hurricane Katrina when I gave a motivational presentation:
I’ll find peace in the depth of my soul, and this peace will mend my heart
And guide my grief to road of wisdom with outreaching love that brings hope
Then I’ll let this love flow out to others So together we can heal
In the safe quiet harbor of faith knowing that all it not lost.
With faith hope, and love, I will find my way.