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"Common Sense is an oxymoron since it is not common.".......Michele

One of the greatest strengths of Michele & Associates is the fresh, practical, multi-solutions oriented approach to achieving access for all.  Whether avoiding pitfalls in new construction or finding the most economical, common sense solution for existing facilities, or protecting the integrity of historical facilities Michele & Associates believes that only working as a team is a winning outcome possible.  Our mandate when working with a client is they "Must agree to disagree with us." If we are not aware of the complete situation then we cannot find the best solution for everyone involved.   Another important scientific fact that Michele & Associates believes must guide all decisions is that "for every action there is a reaction".  If we do not listen closely to the client we cannot find the best solution.  We want to ensure that the reactions of our actions will result in winning solutions for everyone.

Some of our services include:

New Construction for facilities and infrastructure

If only people would include an expert in the very beginning of the design process, errors, lost time, money, and change orders would decrease significantly and ensure an outcome of all involved becoming winners.  Michele & Associate's goal is to present and explain the many approaches that will bring compliance for the ADA, 504, and Fair Housing.  It is one thing to read the standards and another to understand the logic behind the standards.  This is what Michele & Associates brings to the design and construction team.

ADA facility and infrastructure compliance surveys, transition plans, and staff training

So often just taking that first step is the most difficult.  Michele & Associates goal is to make those first steps as painless as possible, while finding reasonable solutions and training the team during the process.  Usually the final step is to present additional training for other staff.

ADA Employment and Disability Awareness Training

Even though the ADA as been around since 1990, endless mistakes are still being made related to reasonable accommodations and how to work with employees with disabilities to find the best solutions that will benefit both the employer and the employee.  Michele & Associates brings common sense approaches that once again benefits everyone involved by explaining the role of compassion, the law, and real solutions for satisfactory outcomes.

Fair Housing Surveys, transition plans and staff training

Fair Housing standards are completely overlooked even for the most basic regulations.  Michele & Associates helps to guide the owners and managers of multi-housing projects for moving forward to achieving the Fair Housing standards and assists with staff training and policies and procedures.

Speaker and trainer on ADA Employment, Facilities, and Public Rights of Way

Michele & Associates have presented to Retail, Hospitality, Health, Residential and Public and Private organizations related to each groups specific considerations and needs.  The real gift of these presentations is the down to earth practical explanations and pictures that leave no doubt to the problem with accompanying solutions so the listener leaves with a lasting understanding of what it's all about.  The humor, open approach, and follow-up have made Michele & Associates an often and regularly requested presenter nationwide.

Law Enforcement training for the Officers, Sheriffs, and State Troopers in the field

Law Enforcement is so often criticized for their efforts when they only have seconds to decide what action to take.  Michele & Associates positive solutions and recognition of the rights of both law enforcement and those with disabilities has given her an appreciative recognition among law enforcement agencies.  Her training helps the officers to both assist and arrest people with many different disabilities.  Michele combines disability awareness training along with protection for the officers and a how to document incidents.  The main thrust of the training is to explain the ADA regulations and bring home the fact that the ADA does not condone illegal actions for people with disabilities.

Disability Awareness Training & Simulations

Awareness of a situation removes fear.  These training sessions bring to the forefront facts vs myths, and the simulations are creative, while eye opening.  The end result is a new appreciation for those with disABILITIES and awareness of how to interact and accommodate different disability situations.  People leave understanding the GIFTS OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES and the different disabilities in a new light and appreciation.

Diversity Training

Michele & Associates believes diversity is the guaranteed essential element in every part of our lives and world and shows it in a humorous and insightful presentation.  Once again it is the simple and straight forward approach that wins the listeners over and opens theirs hearts to the obvious but often overlooked importance of the "Gift of Diversity."

Motivational and Keynote presentations

Michele is a person with multiple disABILITIES.  As a wheelchair user with her service dog "Maddie" Michele is living proof that giving up is not an option and "Living life fully and then some for good measure" is the only way to go.   Michele breaks a lot of artificial rules by proving daily that we must "LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, LEARN & SHARE" to really enjoy our time on earth.  People line up to receive her great "HUGS" at the end of her presentations.  As she states "Forget the handshakes, I'm a hugger so be prepared!"

Author of the book "The ADA and Accessibility - 'Lets Get Practical'"

This 2nd edition book is filled with the practical solutions to common mistakes when designing and retrofitting for accessibility.  See the Book Review in this section.  To order this book go to and visit the publications section.   This book has been a consistent best seller with people returning to order more for their companies or agencies.