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What Others Say About Michele

Michele and Maddie visit San Antonio

Here's some of the comments made by the people, groups and organizations Michele has worked with.

Keynote Motivational
Living Life Fully
disABILITIES and Life
Each Person is ABLE

ASID/HAD Professional Development Symposium...
"..Your keynote address provided the attendees a new approach for the programs with added awareness and expanded applications. Your presence on the Stadium Tour was a true bonus for us as well as providing a Symposium story."

Lynne Elder Adm Assistant KC Royals Baseball Club Diversity Committee
We want to thank you for your fun and educational presentation on Wednesday Morning. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our associates and everyone truly had an "awakening" from your pointers (those things that we all take for granted.) Please stop by stop by and visit when you are here at Kauffman Stadium.

Kiwanis Club KCMO
Michele, Thank you so much for your presentation our Newsletter editor called your presentation "A Home Run!"

Samara N. Klein, Exec Dir., Children's Benefits Service for Families
I would like to express our great appreciation for your participation as a workshop speaker at the 6th annual Mid-America Conference on children with Special Heath Needs. (I) am pleased to report that the feedback has been outstanding. The experiences and information you shared were instrumental to the event's success. I heard your session went great and that you are a fabulous speaker. I hope we can work together again. Thank You

Professional Secretaries International
"Michele, were it possible to bottle your expertise, enthusiasm, and sense of humor, I know people would stand in line to make the purchase. Words used to describe you were "dynamic" and "Isn't she great?"


MO Managers Statewide Diversity Day
Michele can recite the ABCs and make it exciting. Go girl!...What a fun yet eye opening approach!! Loved the vignettes and Michele's sincerity. It all comes from her heart. Please come back!

APWA National Congress Diversity Keynote 1999
Michele, herself is a living example of diversity in action! Just looking at her unique modifications of her power wheelchair is enough to show diversity. A woman of heart who lives what she says. I'm proud of my diverse skin and heritage even more today thanks to Michele. It's one thing to have a speaker tell us about the diversity numbers. It's another to have a speaker who is the epitome of diversity from the soul outward. The rest of this conference is just extras. The soul of our association has spoken! Thanks Michele

Steve, APWA Diversity Committee Conference
Thank you for your superb presentation at the APWA Diversity Luncheon! I am grateful for the opportunity to meet and get to know you. You certainly played an active role in the 1999 APWA Conference.


The ADA and Employment

Best Temps Personnel Service
"You have made a difference in changing the attitude of my staff in terms of morale, dedication, confidence and increased production"
Lou - Best Temps Employment Agency Michele's examples of discriminating against disabilities and her other examples that made the training so much clearer" really appreciated the interviewing segment and how to understand the approach for accomplishing reasonable accommodations" There was a constant give and take dialogue between Michele and the attendees that was very inclusive and informative which kept the interest high"

Women's Business Organization Kansas City KS
"You were fantastic, fun, and full of information. Our members there could have listened forever last night, me included! You were a hit!" Bonnie

Social Security Administration Evaluations
"Pointed out responsibilities on BOTH sides. Her attitude towards the audience as well as her flexibility of approach was really appreciated" "I really liked that Michele gave her phone number and said we could call her anytime for assistance and knew she meant it!"

KCMO Employment Presentation Evaluations
"Organized presentation, clear speaking, enthusiastic, good examples, good materials"….."Appreciated the credibility of presenter because of her experience and excellent materials"…."Presenter's knowledge was great!"…."really like understanding of reasonable accommodations, interviewing, and common sense solutions"….. Michele paid attention to what was being asked and gave good examples with her responses"….My highlights were Michele's ability to really pay attention to what was being asked and her examples.

Midland Brake Co KCMO Evaluations…
"Michele has great knowledge about this subject and gave a lot of helpful examples"……"Her periodic questions to the group were really helpful, particularly the scenarios that were unusual"…."Learning about essential versus non-essential job responsibilities and do's and don'ts in pre-employment process"….."The exercises allowed a hands on feeling that will be useful when interviewing"…."Appreciated the examples, questions and answers and in general the openness of the seminar"….."Gave me a new perspective of the need for equality in employment and focusing on abilities instead of disabilities"…….I really enjoy the exercises and also have the information in the manual Michele prepared for us. This way I have a resource to turn to when needed"….Michele showed us multiple examples of inexpensive changes that can put a lot of disabled people into the work force"……."Made me realize that disabled people have accepted their situation and just want us to do the same and move onward"……."Seeing Michele with her disabilities and yet nothing is stopping her"….."VERY SOLID. Speaker knows her material quite well and enjoyed the scenarios that helped clarify many issues with nice examples"….."The high points of the training was the interaction (Participation) between the presenter and the audience."….I enjoyed the wealth of information being shared"…..I LOVE MICHELE’S HUMOR! You forget you are in a very detailed training and find learning is easier by her approach.


ADA Arch/Eng/ other facilities professionals

Top Ten ADA Facilities Mistake APWA Congress 2009…Evaluations
"By far the best speaker on ADA issues I’ve seen present."……..Excellent presentation, very dynamic speaker"

AFE Association for Facilities Engineering Evaluations
"...really appreciated her knowledge"….."Excellent Presentation"……"appreciated her credibility and visual examples"….Very Informative

Teresa, KCIFMA
…thank you so much! What an excellent presentation! I believe we will all be more aware as we manage and take care of our facilities.

Alan D. Michels, P.E. Project Manager, BHC Rhodes Civil engineers, Surveyor
...The presentation was extremely helpful and I can assure you will change the way we look at site design. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future as we try to make our sites work for everybody. You are one very admirable lady and I can assure you that you left a lasting impression about courage and strength and the power of a positive attitude. Thank you.

Kaye Sullivan, Former APWA Deputy Executive Director/COO
...I do not know of a more dedicated or enthusiastic individual to represent people with disabilities than Ms Ohmes…….In the Kansas City area and nationwide, Michele speaks before many groups about accessibility; holds training sessions on accessibility for police departments; works closely with engineers, design firms, and construction firms on designing buildings that meet ADA standards; and has prepared an extensive popular ADA handbook for the APWA that provides practical solutions to assure that public facilities are accessible….each time I talk with Michele, I am amazed at her energy level and passion for what she believes in. she makes me a better person just through my association with her.

ADA Symposium 1999
The best breakout session! Very Helpful…Best session I attended, Dynamic speaker, organized, kept things moving. I appreciate Michele's practical, no nonsense attitude. I will ask of Public Works Dept. to contact her for answers!!...This was an excellent presentation. It was practical, wonderful information! Thank You!!!.....Presenter was knowledgeable, pleasant and I enjoyed her enthusiasm….Michele was SUPER! Thank Michele!!

Oklahoma City 8 hour training…
Ms. Ohmes uses humor, examples and common sense explanation related to the law. Her approach is not to just read the law, but to show the logic behind it……thank you so much for coming. Your energy and zeal are great. We really appreciate all you do….Michele had to present two different disciplines for 8 hours. The first 4 hours were facility relate and the last was Public Right of Way Streets and Sidewalks. The amazing thing is she was as strong at the end of the days as in the beginning!!!!......Love that Michele is so willing to engage us with our issues and questions. She doesn’t back away from difficult issues but works with us……..As an engineer who attended the full day I am so impressed by her knowledge, and simplicity with clear examples, demonstrations, pictures, and proof that what she is presenting is not BS but the real thing……Some of us are having her stay an extra night to do a walk-about in Bricktown, an older area with some difficult issues. Can hardly wait so see her in action...A group of us walked with Michele and Maddie in a cold drizzling rain [which by the way she did not charge us extra] and showed us solutions and ideas none of our group even thought of. Her use of a wheelchair must give her a new insight or else she is just a natural problem solver but the three hours we spent with her has left a lasting impression on each of us. Thank you Michele for your commitment and dedication with solutions not just angry complaints.


Other professions

Craig, Craig Smith Locksmiths
"Thank you so much for your fine presentation. The feedback from some of my students is so positive. You opened up their minds and created a new thought process."

ADA and Legal Profession KCMO
As attorneys we are trained to advise our clients toward the conservative approach of wait and see what courts decide related to new legislation. Michele does present a cogent message of how being proactive especially when it is "the right thing to do" is a good path to take……Michele has a legal organized mine even though she is not in the legal profession, I appreciate her remarks and balanced approach……the woman isn't a radical without balance. She is a woman of conviction but with a moderate, sensible approach. I feel I learned something tonight.

KU Medical Center Occupational therapist statewide video webcast
I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about what is out there for solutions for our patients. I was wrong! Michele really does her research!.....When you're not in the same room with a presenter it can be hard to pay attention. That didn't hold true to this training. I was mesmerized from the moment she started talking. Her energy comes across through the screen. It's almost like electricity! More importantly though is her approach and ideas for us to think through related to our profession and interaction with our clients…..I recommend Michele for other sessions for other health care professionals. It really helps that she has been a respiratory therapist and hospital and home care chaplain. Her personal experience really come through By the way really enjoyed seeing her service dog on the screen once in a while. It was obvious the two have a special relationship.


Legal expert Witness

Douglas L. Carter, P.C. Carter Law Offices
I can state without qualification that Michele is one of the brightest, dedicated and capable individuals with whom it has been my privilege to associate. She presents herself exceedingly well, both in person and on camera, as well as through her written work. She has dedication to detail (both technical and factual) that is unsurpassed. She has a level of personal and work-related energy that, compared to most persons (with or without a disability), appears boundless. She is also very timely. She thinks before she makes a commitment. Once made, her commitment is gold.


THE ADA and Construction

Plumbers Regional Meeting
Michele came to us as a referral from one of the contractors who does work for the City of KCMO. She didn't let us down…….Her graphic demonstrations, pictures, and explanations has me committed to improving the locations and installation of plumbing fixtures. She a has great sense of humor and is so open to our questions and complaints…..First she with her broad smile and her service dog make a super entrance and had all of us sitting straighter in our chairs. Then she started talking and I know I excited with her knowledge and ability to understand our issues and problems…….Know who I’m going to call when I have a question!......Not everyone means it when they say call me and makes sure you have her contact number. I know she means it and with her proven knowledge after this presentation you can bet I’ll be calling her.